We specialize in large yachts from pedigree builders

Yacht purchase & charter requires expertise. We bring  expertise while assuring that your yachting experience is enjoyable.

Let us find the right yacht for you

We know the builders and the yachts

Yacht builders are as diverse are auto makers. You need to know the strengths and philosophy of each builder. Pedigree counts - not only in choosing a vessel, but when you sell and hope to recoup your capital investment.

We match the yacht to your mission.

Do you plan to cross oceans and explore globally? Or, will you only cruise the Med? Is this for friends and family, or is it a corporate tool requiring scaleable hospitality and entertainment capabilities?

How we assist

I apply my 25-years of valuable experience and knowledge of vessels to analyze the current market and to identify vessels that are right for you and your mission. My goal is to find the right yacht, and make sure you get it for a fair price. I also stay with you for crewing and to get yacht management set up. 

Paul Madden's intro to informed yacht buying.

  • This is a process that requires you to understand what your expectations are of a vessel ("the mission")
  • You need to study your options closely
  • You will require experts in the purchase process
  • Ownership of a large vessel also requires a coordinated team for crewing and vessel management

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