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We handle U.S. & Cuban Visas and Permits, plus all landside arrangements, including tours and cruising itineraries.

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Charter a Yacht in Cuba


Let us find the perfect yacht for the perfect Cuba cruise.

Charter a yacht in cuba

Havana VIP


Special arrangements in Havana for VIP bespoke experiences. Plus Cienfuegos, Santiago de Cuba, Vinales, Trinidad...

Havana VIP

The Cuba Experts

US Treasury Licensed

We have arranged legal yacht passages to, and around Cuba, longer than any other U.S. company.

Cuban Expertise

We know all the ports and all the islands. We have itineraries and contacts - everywhere and will customize your experience.

Plan Ahead

Cuba requires planning, so do not wait. It's worth doing it right!

VIP Tour Arrangements

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See Cuba as an Insider

Always get the best table


No lines. Access.

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Cuba is Best When You Plan It Ahead

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