We represent the buyer and the charterer

The Right Yacht

  • You need to be clear about 'the mission'  of your yacht.
    • Local Cruising
    • Global Crusing
    • Luxury vs Expedition
  • ​Budget
    • ​Purchase or Charter Price
    • Real cost to own
    • Realistic charter expectations

Our Role

  • ​​We represent your interests
  • The "Listing Broker" (on Yachtworld) represents the interests of the SELLER. 
  • As a BUYER, you  need a trustworthy independent expert  that represents your interests exclusively (and aggressively). 
  • Our commission is paid by the SELLER.

The Purchase Process

  • Narrow your search and only inspect appropriate vessels.
  • Strategic bidding
  • Thorough, Independent Survey

Legal Guidance

  • A mega-yacht purchase requires the counsel of a specialized and experienced admiralty attorney.
  • Ownership structure, registration, flag-states, class societies all require expert advice.

Ongoing Ownership

  • Crew selection
  • Vessel management
  • Charter management 
  • Insurance 
  • Operation planning 
  • Long-term cruising plan
  • Exit strategu

Our Job

  • Determine real value based upon pedigree and  vessel history, prior to going into a survey.
  • Research vessel and its ownership and operating history.


Paul M. Madden

Paul Madden, is managing partner of Paul Madden Associates (Private-Yacht.net), a global yacht brokerage which offers yacht buyers access to extraordinary yacht purchase opportunities, plus expert guidance on the purchase of new yachts directly from the yacht builders.
Multi-lingual Associates are located throughout Europe, Middle East, Asia and the Americas, as well as in Africa. Paul Madden personally oversees all transactions and offers his expertise throughout the purchase process.
For the last 25-years, Paul Madden has worked in the upper echelon of the global ship and yacht manufacturing business, representing companies in US, Monaco, Mexico (Camper & Nicholsons), Germany (Blohm+Voss/ThyssenKrupp) and Italy (CRN/Ferretti). His expertise includes complex international brokerage transactions, new vessel construction (over €100 million), and marine asset finance.
Paul Madden received his MBA from Boston University's School of Management, Brussels Graduate Center in Belgium, and also has a Graduate Degree from The National Film & Television School of England.


Associates located in Newport • Miami • London • Hong Kong • Singapore • Malta • Mumbai

Associates can assist with yacht purchase or charter

Eric Dahler - Florida

Eric is a licensed yacht broker with over eight years in the luxury yachting and lifestyle industry and 25 years entrepreneurial and senior management experience.  Works closely with private clubs, luxury brands and strategic lifestyle partners.     

  LinkedIn profile here

Anesu Bridget Mhlanga London - Johannesburg - NY

Business Executive with a passion for the preservation and sustainability of the wealth of families from generation to generation around the world. 

Further interests in Philanthropy, global social and economic development, Women's Economic Empowerment and Luxury Brand Development.  

LinkedIn profile here

Shakeel Awan - London

Founder and CEO of Mountesque Limited.  A private, investment management consultancy that operates through the use of key market intelligence, including market trends and market influences to determine the market opportunities with potentials in long term growth in value. 

LinkedIn profile here

Christophe Spring - Geneva

Managing Partner Emotional Investments Group Ltd. International Marketing & Sales Director with experience in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Holland, UK & Ireland and countries bordering the Persian Gulf (GCC), USA, Canada & Scandinavia

LinkedIn profile here

Michel Khadij - United Arab Emirates

Experienced Yacht sales and charter broker. Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in yachting and construction industries. Skilled in Negotiation, Advertising, Integrated Marketing, Sales, and Customer Relationship Management.

LinkedIn profile here

Viren Kuhne - India

Regional Sales Manager at IGR AIRCRAFT SALES, LLC India and Asia. Viren is one of the leaders in the private, regional and Charter aviation sector, representing more than 300 aircraft, turboprop, BBJ, ACJ, Gulfstream, Dassault, Cessna, Piper, Bombardier, Embraer and ATRs just to name a few.  LinkedIn profile here

Zeyad al Safaar - London

Founder & CEO at OVINGTONS. Exceptional Marketing & Selling of the Most Affluent Residential properties in London & Internationally.    

 LinkedIn profile here

Micki Esposito - Georgia, U.S.A.

Micki Esposito’s professional career has spanned over 25 yrs as the Chief of Staff for Fortune 500 Ceo's, Chairmen/Board and a U.S. Senator. A savvy, 21st-century businesswoman who speaks with genuine enthusiasm about the power of creating one's own destiny. Blending her experience and forward-thinking strategies, Micki offers personalized yacht services to her clients. Micki's Website

Nicholas Foo - Singapore

Blockchain and cryptocurrency mega-yacht transaction specialist - Singapore

Founder of Bullcoin Gold. Nicholas is an ICO advisor as well as one of the largest OTC Bitcoin brokers in the industry. Nicholas has a wide network of connections in over 200 countries and is trusted by many within and without the Blockchain industry.  

LinkedIn profile here 

Chandran V. R. - Singapore

Chandran V R is the Founder of Cosmopolitan Group and Cosmopolitan Real Estate, a Bespoke real estate agency taking care of the growing global real estate needs of our institutional and private clients.   

 LinkedIn profile here

Luba Utrosina - Geneva

A Trust and Estate Practitioner of almost 15 years standing, fluent in English, French and Russian.  As a business developer and the central point of contact, I have a broad exposure to the diverse spectrum of requirements of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs).    

LinkedIn profile here

Atul Singh - EMEA & SE Asia

Atul is a representative of several multi-national ventures in India and Asian markets, including UCITS Fund , Meriden Capital Partners, and Chateaux De La Vie AirChartering. 

LinkedIn profile here 

Robert Schneider - California and Pacific Northwest

Robert has resided in a number of European countries and speaks 4 languages. His professional experience includes the machine tool industry, residential and commercial real estate and international yacht sales and charter. 

LinkedIn profile here

Jessica Rust - Los Angeles

Jessica is a specialist in private jet charter, based in Burbank, California who also has extensive experience in private aviation throughout the Caribbean basin. 

LinkedIn profile here

J. P. de wet Steyn - Florida

J.P is an experienced yacht broker. Originally from South Africa, he has been involved in yachting for over 25 years and holds various Master's licenses up to 3000 Tons. As a highly experienced Captain, he brings first-hand technical expertise and inside knowledge about luxury yachts. 

LinkedIn profile here

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