Mega yachts

Paul Madden's intro to informed mega-yacht new build and purchase.

This is a process that requires you to understand what your expectations are of a vessel ("the mission").

You need to study your options amongst all the yachts for sale closely.

You will require yachting experts in the purchase process

Motor Yachts


American and European builders both offer a wide range of designs and performance packages.

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Mega Yachts


While there are always some available in the U.S., the best selection is in Europe and we are very familiar with all the shipyards and the available investory of yachts. We will arrange inspections and handle all aspects of the purchase process with you.

Super Yachts

New Builds


We know the European builders and also the world's top designers. Building a new custom yacht can be a rewarding and pleasurable experience. 

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Expedition Yachts


Expedition Yachts are a special breed of rugged, ocean-crossing, all-weather capable vessels. We have an inventory of expedition yachts and in-depth knowedge of their capabilities.



Converting an existing commercial vessel to be a research ship or an expedition yacht can be a smart solution. We have knowledge in this area.

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Explore Your Options


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